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Opus X - Heaven and Earth Tauros the Bull Maduro (Box of 10)

Opus X - Heaven and Earth Tauros the Bull Maduro (Box of 10)

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“To visit Chateau de la Fuente is to bask in the hospitality of the Fuentes, to be welcomed as part of their family. Their guest house and nearby gazebo are both protected by thatched roofs of palm fronds that ward off undesired spirits in the time-honored tradition of ancient Cuba.

And when one asks about the picturesque painted rock scorpion colorfully stretched out across a green expanse of lawn, Carlito will tell you that Scorpio was the astrological birth sign of his grandfather Arturo, born on November 18th. Perhaps not by chance, this was also the date the very first boxes of Fuente Fuente OpusX were shipped to America.

Next to Scorpio is another symbol, Tauros the Bull, the astrological sign shared by Carlito and his father, Don Carlos. Both have birth dates only seven days apart, a unification of their spirit that embodies this enchanted land.

Indeed, the stars were aligned when Chateau de la Fuente was created.

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