Blackened M81 by Drew Estate Lands in Store

Blackened M81 by Drew Estate Lands in Store

No one promotes a new cigar quite like Drew Estate, especially since the birth of their Freestyle Live concept. Over the past couple years, Drew Estate has learned how to develop intrigue and mystique into the launch of their new cigar releases by sending Freestyle Live kits to select retailers ahead of an official launch. The almost too good to be true priced kits tend to include a travel humidor, flask, cutter and several un-banded cigars or, as was the case with Blackened, three cigars with only a generic "mystery cigar" band.

The idea is to create a social media buzz of everyone talking about "the new cigar by Drew Estate" and trying to figure out what it might be.

Then, on a pre-determined date and time, Drew Estate goes live on social media with a well produced livestream to announce the details of the new cigar.

Few could have predicted that during the last live stream, Drew Estate would drop the news that they had worked with James Hetfield of Metallica and the blender of Blackened Whiskey to produce the Blackened cigar.

Our retail store and lounge in Greensburg, PA received our first shipment last week (unfortunately only 1/4th of what we had ordered). All 6 boxes sold out at our Blackened Friday release party.

Once we receive our next batch, you'll be able to order from us here at Route 30 Cigars.

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