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The Lincoln Highway: Rooted in History

map of lincoln highway

Embark on the iconic Lincoln Highway – America's first transcontinental road for automobiles, weaving over 3,000 miles from New York City to San Francisco. Since its inception in 1913, this path has symbolized adventure and exploration.

Nelson Loguasto Cigar Co., LLC currently operates two brick and mortar cigar stores in Pennsylvania, both along Route 30 (the Historic Lincoln Highway). Dive into a legacy of cigars, intertwined with the historic journey and tradition of America.

BELOW: Historic Grand View Hotel on Route 30 west of Bedford, PA. Photo from Lincoln Highway Association

grand view hotel

Nelson Loguasto's Cigars: A Century Later

One hundred years after the dedication of the Lincoln Highway, Nelson Loguasto's Cigars took root. We're anchored on this legendary route, serving as a beacon for cigar aficionados.

With two stores along Route 30 in Pennsylvania, our commitment to the cigar community is steadfast.

Our location in Greensburg, PA sits between the historic, downtown business center and the busy Route 30 bypass, creating an easy access point for residents and travelers alike. 

Our location in Irwin, PA is located in the Norwin Hills Shopping Center, right where Route 30 and the PA Turnpike come together making it an easily accessible location.

Route 30 Cigars: Where Tradition Meets the Digital Age is more than an online portal; it's a curated experience. Bridging the gap between our local and global clientele, our site ensures each purchase connects you with our brick and mortar experience... browsing and shopping directly from our in-store walk-in humidor.

Discover Our Locations

Curious about our brick-and-mortar presence? Learn more about our retail stores at

BELOW: Nelson Loguasto's Cigars - Greensburg location

nelson loguasto's greensburg

BELOW: Nelson Loguasto's Cigars - Irwin location

nelson loguasto's irwin location