Gift Ideas

Cigars make great gifts due to their timeless appeal and celebratory nature, offering a refined and sophisticated experience for recipients. They symbolize moments of relaxation, camaraderie, and contemplation, making them an ideal present for special occasions or milestones. Additionally, the variety of premium cigars available allows for thoughtful selection based on personal preferences, enhancing the meaningfulness of the gift.

We've curated a list of different hobbies, personality traits, etc. to help you in your journey of choosing a meaningful gift.

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Bourbon / Whiskey

  • Buffalo Trace cigar was crafted to be an ideal pairing for those that enjoy bourbon, especially Buffalo Trace bourbon
  • The Pappy Van Winkle cigar uses tobacco leaves aged in a Pappy Van Winkle bourbon barrel, the most sought after bourbon brand on the market.
  • Ted's Bourbon Cigar is one of the most popular cigar for bourbon enthusiasts and is made with Maker's Mark bourbon
  • Victor Sinclair makes an assortment of cigars seasoned with spirits such as bourbon, rum, whiskey, cognac, etc.
  • The band Metallica has a whiskey called "Blackened" and also has a cigar to go with it, the Blackened M81


Connoisseur / Aficionado (for those that like the finer things)


  • Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust is the company founded by Steve Saka, an avid fishing enthusiast. In particular, his "Umbagog" cigars are named after Lake Umbagog (his favorite place to fish).



  • Every golfer needs a good torch lighter to properly light cigars out on the golf course.
  • Every golfer needs a good travel case to protect their cigars while out golfing.
  • Every golfer needs a good cigar clip to hold their cigar while hitting the ball. In order of reviews, we suggest: 1) Stave V,  2) Cigar Minder,  3) Get A Grip



  • The box of General Grant cigars are an inexpensive gift for Civil War and American history enthusiasts. 

Irish Heritage

  • Finny Boy 2.0 cigar by Sinistro - This cigar was made by Sinistro exclusively for our store. In other words, you won't find this cigar anywhere else. The cigar is part of our Finny Boy series and named after Temple Bar, the famous district in Dublin known for excellent pubs and entertainment.
  • If they are a pipe smoker or have interest in becoming one, Peterson pipes are handcrafted in Dublin, Ireland. 

Metallica / Heavy Metal

  • If they're into the band Metallica, they'll definitely appreciate the Blackened cigar blended by the lead singer of Metallica


  • The AVO cigar brand was founded by the late Avo Uzvezian, a talented jazz musician and lover of cigars.

Reading / Writing

  • If they're into books, they may enjoy the inexpensive Mark Twain cigars



  • Sampler packs are always a great gift because they're great for keeping the cigars fresh until you give them as a gift.
  • Limited Edition cigars are a great way to gift something unique that the receiver likely doesn't have or will greatly appreciate
  • Our cigar jars (comes in clear, black, or white) are the ideal cigar storage solution for 20 or less cigars. They work great all year and in all climates, allowing for peace of mind during the dry winter months when typical wood humidors tend to dry out and can cause a catastrophic loss to an expensive cigar collection. If you're buying someone individual cigars, add a cigar jar so you also have a container to keep the cigars stored in until you give the gift. Include a 65% boveda pack with your order during spring/summer/fall months of a 69% boveda pack if you're ordering during winter. 


  • The PerfecDraw is a tool every single cigar smoker should have, but is often one that cigar smokers won't buy for themselves. Great gift, will be used for years, and will fit in any stocking!