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Wanderlust Candle - Mothman Encounter 4oz

Wanderlust Candle - Mothman Encounter 4oz

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• Made in United States
• Ingredients: 100% Soy wax, essential oils, and non-toxic dye, HTP Cotton/paper wicks
• Product Language: English
• Weight: 5 oz (141.75 g)

Part of the New Cryptid Candle Collection: As legend has it, a strange creature mortified countless West Virginia residents in 1966. This creature was described as being at least 7 ft tall, with a humanoid body & a wingspan at least 10 ft in length. Its distinguishing feature? Two red glowing eyes that terrified anyone who saw them. For the next year, this strange moth-like creature continued to terrorize the residents of Point Pleasant. Thus, the legend of the Mothman was born. This candle captures that eerie mystery with a blend of Black Amber, Vetiver Root, Misty Hills, Tonka Bean, Rosewood, White Thyme, Cedar, Vetiver Root

100% soy wax; a dark night color with a Mothman circle card on top of its 100% soy wax.

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